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Outstanding North American Professional Hunter of the year Award

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           Jack Cassidy is a longtime Colorado outfitter, owner and manager of Jack Cassidy Colorado Hunts in Loma, Colorado. Jack has been in the big game outfitting business for 35 years, hunting antelope, bear, elk, deer and sheep, in western Colorado at the Packrat camp, on the rim of the Black Canyon of Gunnison, and in eastern Colorado for trophy white-tailed deer and mule deer. Jack has been a longtime supporter of SCI at the international and local chapter level for many years, and was involved in the first SCI Sensory Safari, which led to a lifetime commitment to the program. Jack's business is a family operation where he works with his wife of 55 years, Carol, sons and grandsons. Jack is a former president and director of the Colorado Outfitters Association and has served on many Colorado Division of Wildlife task forces and steering committees, which has kept Jack busy and in contact with outfitting profession. He is the founder of Colorado's first state-certified guide school, which has trained many individuals now employed in the hunting industry. Jack's service on the SCI Outfitters Advisory Committee enabled SCI and State Associations to work closely together to benefit all hunters. "I am very proud to be selected as the North American Professional Hunter of the Year by SCI," remarks Cassidy. "I look forward to continuing working with SCI as we build and improve our organization for the betterment of our members and all hunters."

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About our Outfit

Our outfit provides Elk Hunting in Western and Southern Colorado. We also offer Colorado Eastern Plains and Mountain Mule Deer hunts, as well as Archery Whitetail Deer Hunts, and Bear hunts. We have been in the outfitting business for more than 30 years and with that kind of experience behind us we can assure you an honest hunt. So if you are interested in an Elk Hunt or looking for a chance at a Big Colorado Mule Deer, or a Trophy Whitetail from the Eastern Plains and River bottoms, or want to try your luck on a Bighorn Sheep or Mountain Goat hunt you have came to the right place. 
We have some of the best country and finest guides; we cannot guarantee you a trophy or kill, but we will guarantee that we will work hard for you. We are bow hunters ourselves and understand hard hunting. The following pages are a break down of our hunts and of hunts offered to you. If you are interested in booking any hunts, give us a call or email and we can send out our complete brochure and discuss the exact hunt you are interested in. Since 2006 we have also been offering Fair Chase Bison Hunts. If you are looking for a challenging hunt for a trophy out of the old west give this adventure a try. We are looking forward to the future.  We continue to add new country and opportunities for our friends. We continue to manage our existing ranches to insure a  quality hunting experience for our clients. We now have over 25 miles of great river bottom land throughout Eastern Colorado to hunt for Whitetail Deer and a total of over 350,000 acres of private property exclusively for our hunters. 

A word about Colorado preference points system

As the demand for quality animals and hunts increases, and the available licenses no longer can meet the demand all Western States have some form of preference system in place. Colorado has a system that gives a point for each unsuccessful application for each species. We track the number of applications and the number of available licenses to determine your chance for success. The number of points does not have direct result in the quality of available licenses as there are several other factors present. We will work with you to determine your odds in getting a license in our Big game Units. By doing this you can plan your trip; Planning ahead for your hunt is very important, requiring obtaining preference needed to draw a license, we can help work thru this system for you. Let me know if I can help. The key is lets go hunting while we can and enjoy what we have. Thanks and Good Hunting, Jack